Your Talent Alone Will NOT Get Your Music Career Off The Ground

Your Talent Alone Will NOT Get Your Music Career Off The Ground

This may seem like a controversial statement, but unfortunately in most cases, it can be argued as fact. You’ve spent endless hours making fantastic music from mixing, writing, singing to a fantastic collaboration, but no one seems to care! You’ve invested your time heavily in social media, making awesome designs, videos, playlists and so on, only to receive a handful of streams downloads. Even the constant refreshing of the streaming sites doesn’t improve the results. Does that familiar?

Unfortunately, the fact is that no matter how great your material, the equipment or skills, no one will care unless they know that you exist.  Unless you are in the very small percentage of artists who have been blessed with your content going viral, the reality is that most artists will fall by the way side, unless action is taken.

So how do you turn your legitimate passion into a real life thriving business? Well if you are prepared to take action and take a few tips from our 20 years of online marketing then, you will definitely get ahead of the crowd. Here are a few tips (amongst many) that should get you noticed

Step1 Learn New Skills

If you are lucky enough to have a marketing budget then you can use a professional marketing company to handle your marketing and outreach to get you the exposure that you deserve. But if you are starting on a shoe string, then learning new skills can be a great way to self-manage your marketing and publishing campaigns. If you have budget constraints then try learning graphic design skills or video publishing skills to get you off the ground, this will ensure that you not only have generated free content but you can also potentially have more money to spend on any paid marketing to get more traffic to your material. Just bear in mind that there will be a trade-off for the money saved against the time spent to create your content.

Step 2 Focus on Your Social Media Posting

Focus on Your Social Media Posting

Put your name out there on the various social media platforms to get more exposure. Regular posting of your content can make you look like an established artist. You don’t only look good, but also this is an opportunity to capture new followers of your work and command credibility.  New people will find you and engage with you.

Posting regularly offers you more engagement with your existing fans who can help you get more exposure by reposting and sharing your material with their own friends and family.

The number of platforms on which you can post has increased over the last couple of years, Previously, it was predominantly Facebook and YouTube, but that has now changed with the arrival of TikTok. Although you could be forgiven for assuming that TikTok is limited to a younger audience, but you will be surprised at the age diversity. Some would argue that TikTok now gives better and faster exposure to music then the traditional platforms.

Step 3 Get FREE Followers on Social Media

Start with well-known platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. These are some of the most popular social media platforms that can give you free followers and traffic.  Although Instagram posting works to an extent, TikTok is a great platform for overall exposure.  Regular posting on these platforms will help you gain a good amount of likes, comments and followers. It is not unusual for regular music content posters on TikTok to get thousands of followers, likes and comments if your content goes viral or gets a good amount of sharing.

TikTok offers a great opportunity for organic growth compared to some of the other platforms. Although TikTok has gained considerable popularity in the past couple of years with more and more content, it is still a great social media channel for musicians and artists to get further exposure. The key to succeeding on there and other platforms is consistent posting, often as frequent as daily. Some people will go as far as posting content multiple times a day to get bigger traction and gain thousands of followers completely FREE! There are not many other places that will help you gain these types of followers in, sometimes, a relatively short space of time.

Share your posts with friends, family and other platforms like social media groups. Ask bigger social media influencers who have a big following in your related field to review your content with a view to posting it on their account, if they like it. Just one post on a well-established social media account can work wonders for your marketing efforts. Some may even ask for a fee and if the fee is small enough and the influencer account has a large following with great engagement, then it is sometimes worth spending a little to gain a lot.

Step 4 Have Your Own Website

Although the popular streaming and social media platforms are amazing at showcasing your talent and content, would it not be better to actually host your content in a place that is wholly yours? Although social media sites are mostly free, complete reliance on external platforms can have some downsides;

  1. You never have complete control over your social media account. It can be limited, disabled or even blocked for breaching any number of stringent terms of service
  2. You don’t get access to contact information of any of the people that follow you. So direct contact can be lost, if your social media account is compromised or limited in anyway.

If you own your own website, you can send people directly there for content that is purely focussed on you. You also have the ability to track the movement of your followers when they visit your website with the likes of using Ad pixels and similar codes. This offers more opportunities for you to re-target your followers with specific content that they may be interested in. Better still, you can even reach out directly to individuals of your choice using your own email lists that you can compile from your website visitors. So whatever material you release, whether it’s a new song or a new collaboration, you have one to one line of contact with your followers

This retargeting can be an incredibly powerful tool in your arsenal to build close relationships with your followers and get sales from direct downloads. This form of marketing is a valued asset to any online business and the same applies to musicians and artists

Step 5 Facebook Ads

If you have the budget then running Facebook Ads is a great place to start to send potential listeners to stream your music from your favourite music streaming sites.  Ads allow you to track and send people to your music in an extremely targeted and efficient way. There are a number of goals that you can choose for your campaign objectives, For example you can use Ads to:

  • Get more engagement for your content
  • Get More views on Your videos
  • Increase page likes
  • Build email lists of your prospects
  • Drive people directly to your own website
  • And so on..


Ads offer you the chance to customise your goals to your exact requirements. The right Ad campaign can catapult your audience growth from zero to thousands. Although Ads require a learning curve to maximise the returns on investment, the right strategy can pay amazing dividends. If you are not comfortable with the whole idea of the learning process, then we can also help set up, run and manage your Ad campaigns.

Step 6 Use The Latest Tools To Help You Grow


Keep an eye for the latest tools and trends that are hitting the market once in a while to help you maximise your marketing efforts. There could be new hacks and strategies that people are using and see if you can apply these new strategies for yourself. Take care not to get “sold” something that may turn out to be a new fad. Do your research carefully and ensure that you have seen other people benefitting from what you are about to try, before diving right in with a new twist.


As an example, if you are running Facebook Ads then try running similar Ad campaigns on other popular platforms like TikTok or Snapchat. Run tests between the various campaigns, optimise to see which one is delivering the best return on investment and scale that up and drop the ones that are not working.

So What Are You Waiting For?

The above is a snapshot of a large number of strategies that you can use to help you grow online and find new audiences for your music. If you have worked so hard to produce great material, it’ll be sad to see the hard work go in vain, if it doesn’t receive the exposure that it deserves. So whether you have already tried some of the above techniques, or are just starting out, start using the above to take your music to the next level. Like many artists and musicians, if you are short of time and are not able to embark on the above, then drop us an email on: smm@tektonmedia,com to let us handle all your campaigns to help you grow, while you concentrate on producing fantastic music that you are good at.