The Importance of Social Media to Your Business

The Importance of Social Media to Your Business


Leveraging the Internet to Build an Online Presence and Gain Customers

Marketing your business can seem intimidating when you’ve got so many other things to worry about (such as overall management and finances). In fact, many businesses overlook their marketing efforts – which can greatly affect profits and incoming customers.

Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to market your business now that the world has social media at its fingertips. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter amongst others are indisputably the most popular and well-known social networks, allowing people to communicate and network with one another. With over a billion users on these platforms combined, your business can tap into a huge pool of potential customers around the world.

But what’s the right way to market your business on social media, and how is it done? Just like in the real world, you want to be personable, friendly, timely, and engaging in your communication with customers. Examples include responding to customer inquiries/issues, holding giveaway contests on Facebook (think gift cards, coupons, freebies), and posting interesting content relevant to your business to maintain a presence and welcome interaction. There are countless ways to market your business via social media, and no business is the same.

Thankfully there are a bunch of tools on the web to help you streamline and manage your company’s social media accounts. Tools such as Buffer let you schedule posts and content ahead of time, and another tool called Hootsuite gives you an all-in-one dashboard of your social accounts so that you can engage with customers and fans under one hood.

Overall, social media is an extremely convenient tool for customers to get the latest deals, updates, and information about your business. One Facebook share can go a long way, as its reach is amplified through your customer’s own network.