5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Next Event

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Next Event

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Create a hashtag

Creating a dedicated hashtag for your event will make it easier to track, engage with, and measure the conversation around your event – before, during, and after it takes place. It will also encourage attendees to engage with you and with one another, enabling valuable real-time interaction and feedback.

It can take time to familiarize an audience with your hashtag, so it’s important to create one early on and make sure it’s visible everywhere – use it on your website, Twitter, Instagram, and any other networks to drive usage. You can also print out signs and post them around the venue prominently displaying your hashtag and social handles.

If you’re not sure what your hashtag should be, ask yourself what attendees might intuitively use if they were to post about the event. In general, your hashtag should be short, on-brand, and unique so that it doesn’t get lost in the chatter of other topics. This will make it easier to track conversation directly related to your event..

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook advertising can be a powerful and efficient tool for reaching targeted audiences about your event. Facebook ads allow you to to maximize your ad dollars by delivering based on interests, location, age, and other demographics. You also have the ability to optimize your ads for different types of objectives, such as signing up for the event on your website OR opting in via a Facebook event.

Choose a compelling image or set of images for your ad, and use the its tools to be sure you adhere to Facebook’s limits for text on ads. You should also write a concise headline and accompanying text to inform users about your event.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network, and therefore a key tool for marketing any industry event, conference, or trade show. There are many ways to spread the word on LinkedIn. You can post about your event in relevant LinkedIn Groups – just be sure to read individual group rules, as some will insist you flag any event-related discussions as a Promotion.

You can also post on your LinkedIn Company Page or to your own LinkedIn updates, depending on the audience you are targeting. Be sure to monitor your InMail to see if anyone follows up with questions regarding your event.

Target your Tweets

Twitter has fine-tuned its advertising platform in recent months to make it a better option for marketing to targeted audiences. As with Facebook, you get the most bang for your advertising buck through demographic and keyword targeting. Set your budget low at first to test which types of targeting generate the greatest levels of engagement. You might also consider offering a “Twitter only” promotion to incentivize users to attend your event.